The purpose of this Policy is to fulfill our obligation to clarification as a controller within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 ("PDPL") and other related legislation and to determine the terms and conditions of the processing of personal data generated by the data subjects on the website ("Website"), which is operated by Alfamak Kalıp Elemanları Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. ("Alfamak"), and shared by users / members / visitors ("Data subject")  during the use of the Website.
Personal data collected and processed by Alfamak is under the protection of Alfamak. Alfamak process personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation within the scope of the Privacy Policy and the PDPL Clarification Text ("Policy").
Alfamak takes the necessary technical and administrative measures by using its technological and infrastructural facilities to ensure that personal data are securely stored and processed in accordance with the law within the framework of the applicable data protection legislation.




Personal data means all kinds of information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person. The categories of your personal data that Alfamak may process are specified below:

  • ID Information: In this data category, name, surname, ID No / TIN, identity document number, passport number, nationality, place of birth and date of birth are processed.
  • Contact Information: In this data category, phone number, address and e-mail address are processed.
  • Subscription Information: In this data category, data are processed regarding customer number, subscription type, subscription status, customer tariff information and campaign information.
  • Demographic Data: Age data are processed in this data category.
  • Payment and Financial Information: In this data category, invoice and debt information is processed.
  • Device Information: In this data category, data are processed regarding IMEI, device brand / model / serial number, device operating system, device usage movements, device accessed by mobile applications, network information.
  • Transaction Information: This category of data includes transactions performed by subscribers / users and declarations of intention; It refers to data types (such as website, box, smart TVs and applications, transaction information on channels such as dealer or call center).
  • Usage and Behavioral Information: In this data category, data are processed regarding preferences, usage habits, online shopping information, behavior information on websites and mobile applications and the results of analysis based on these are processed regarding the use of products and services.




Your personal data can be processed in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data, including but not limited to the following purposes:


  • Offering, pricing and invoicing products and services and initiating subscriptions,
  • In order to enable the user to access products and services via smart TVs and applications, web and mobile applications,
  • Providing international customer authentication compatible with all devices,
  • To be informed about the promotion and marketing of products and services, targeted advertising, targeted promotion and communication with you regarding these, being informed about issues such as offers, campaigns, discounts, benefits, conditions, pricing; Providing opportunities such as membership, events and economic advantages and performing the necessary procedures for their use,
  • Sending commercial electronic messages in accordance with the legal regulations and with approval,
  • Communicating personal celebrations, gifts, wishes and communicating prize opportunities and drawing lots,
  • Providing job offers to people who are in a job interview relationship with Alfamak if there is a suitable position,
  • To train and develop people such as our employees and business partners to provide better service to users,
  • Detect or prevent breaches of contractual obligations in the use of products and / or services provided by Alfamak,
  • Conducting operations such as developing, diversifying, measuring, controlling and analyzing products and services; assessing your interest in products and services, determination of customer satisfaction; providing call center service, answering questions, complaints and notifications from the data subject,
  • Preservation of information that should be kept in accordance with the relevant legislation; Copying and backing up to prevent loss of data; ensuring the consistency of your information; Taking necessary technical and administrative measures for information security,
  • Requiring by Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications, Electronic Communications Law No. 5809, regulations of the Communication and Information Technologies Authority and other legislations,
  • Fulfilling legal obligations necessitated or obliged by legal regulations with regulatory and supervisory institutions, carrying out legal proceedings and legal processes.




Alfamak will be able to share your personal data collected under this Policy or provided by you as a Data Subject with other third parties listed below within the scope of PDPL and other legislation in accordance with Article 8 of the PDPL:


  • To business partners; it is limited about to ensure the fulfillment of the purposes of the establishment of the business partnership, to fulfill the requirements of the agreement made with the data subject as a user and to put them into practice,
  • To their suppliers; it is limited in order to provide Alfamak with the services that are outsourced from the supplier and necessary to fulfill the commercial activities of Alfamak,
  • To its shareholders; it is limited to the purposes of Alfamak activities carried out within the scope of legal, event management and corporate communication processes in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation,
  • To Alfamak officials; it is limited to making strategies regarding the commercial activities of Alfamak in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, ensuring the highest level of management and supervision purposes,
  • Legally authorized public institutions and organizations; it is limited to the purpose requested by the relevant public institutions and organizations within the legal authority,
  • To the natural or legal person with whom we receive services and cooperate in product / service comparison, analysis, evaluation, advertisement and realization of the purposes as mentioned above; it is limited cooperation and fulfillment of the service received, selecting and publishing advertisements displayed on the Website and allowing third parties (such as ad servers) to do so on our behalf, will enable us to report advertisements displayed to you and how you interacted,




Your personal data, in all kinds of verbal, written or electronic media, in line with the purposes specified in this Policy, in order to provide the products and services we offer to you within the determined legal framework and within this scope, Alfamak can fulfill its responsibilities arising from the contract. The law is entirely and appropriate. It is collected in the following ways.
Your personal data can be fully or partially automated or non-automatic, provided that it is part of the data recording system; forms such as membership form, subscription form, information form and membership or subscription agreements that are filled in electronically during your membership or subscription or filled out with your statement through a call center, subscription center or a similar service point; documents on identification and address determination attached to contracts or forms; your actions on the Website; systems created to receive your consent and contact information to provide announcements and communications, or to collect your satisfaction or complaints about our products or services; announcement submitted to you via web, mobile or similar application or in print, subscription to the electronic bulletin, communication, complaint, participation in the lottery, promotion, electronic newsletter, pre-registration, campaign participation forms, face to face, by phone or any other communication tool surveys or communications using; social networks; mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device applications; the agreements you have signed with Alfamak, especially membership and subscription, and the e-mails, faxes and letters you send to Alfamak are collected verbally, in writing or electronically through written or verbal communication channels with Alfamak.

Your personal data is specified in Article 5 of the PDPL, a) It is stipulated in the laws, b) It is mandatory for the protection of the life or physical integrity of the person who is unable to disclose his consent due to actual impossibility or whose consent is not legally valid, c) It is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties of the agreement, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of an agreement, ç) the data controller must fulfill its legal obligation, d) It is made public by the person concerned, e) Data processing is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right f) Provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person, it is collected due to the necessity of data processing for the legitimate interests of the data controller and fulfillment of its purposes. The processing of your personal data other than these conditions is carried out in accordance with your consent in a limited and measured manner, in connection with the purposes specified in article 2 of this Policy.




In the 20th article of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, it is regulated that everyone has the right to be informed about personal data about themselves, and as per the 11th article of the PDPL, the Personal Data Subject has the right to "request information". In this context, Alfamak provides the necessary information in case the personal data subject requests information, and with this Protocol, Alfamak informs the data subject about how the right to request information is used and how the matters regarding the information request will be evaluated. 
As a Alfamak' Sports user, as per article 11 of PDPL; by applying to Alfamak with the methods included in the "Communication" section of this Policy,


  • Learning whether your personal data is being processed,
  • If your personal data has been processed, to request information regarding this,
  • Understanding the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purpose,
  • To know the third parties to whom they are transferred domestically or abroad,
  • To request correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
  • To request the deletion/destruction of Personal Data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the PDPL and to be notified to third parties to whom Personal Data is transferred within this scope,
  • Object to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing your processed personal data exclusively with automated systems,
  • If you suffer damage due to the processing of your personal data in violation of the PDPL, you can use the rights to demand compensation for your loss.




To exercise the rights mentioned above, the data subjects will deliver their requests to Alfamak' e-mail address …………………………….. or its postal address ……………………………………………; in writing or via registered electronic mail (REM) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature or the electronic mail address previously notified by the data subjects to Alfamak and registered in Alfamak' system.
In the applications of data subjects; name, surname and signature if the application is in writing, TR identification number; for foreigners, nationality, passport number or identification number if any, place of residence or workplace address for notification, e-mail address for notification, telephone and fax number, and the subject of the request must be presented.