Delicate to design, development, manufacture and marketing nitrogen gas springs for sheet metal of stamping components with the high safety options.


As an engineering company, to continue to do the best in the future as in the past, with extensive knowledge, products with premium quality are at the head of what we do.

Quality Policy

Our goal and policy are always to become your choice for a high quality gas springs with the reputation of superior after sale services and attention to details. Delicate design, implementation of new innovated safety elements, development and manufacture are what we have done from many years ago.


Alfamak always tried to keep quality and sustainability with producing long life Springs which follows different goals such as , save planet , time and be economically helpful for industries. Thanks to Daniel Rutherford the Scottish physician we can use Nitrogen gas in our springs which is a common element in the universe, estimated at seventh in total abundance in Milky Way and Solar System. Protection of environment is our duty and compound of sciences lets us provide solutions to our customers.